Do students need their own instruments?

Yes.  Students must have their own instrument in order to practice on a daily basis.  An instrument may be rented or purchased, and must be in good working condition.  Instruments are not available for loan from Academie de Belle Musique.  If you need assistance in finding an instrument, please contact us.

Do students need to practice regularly?

Yes.  Daily practice is essential for students to progress.  We guide each student in designing a practice regimen.

Are there student recitals?

Academie de Belle Musique holds two recitals a year.  There is a solo recital in the fall and a recital with piano collaboration in the spring.  There is no fee for participating in the recital itself, but there is an accompanist fee due to the pianist in the spring recital.

What about music exams?

Dr. Honea's students may participate in the annual Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit exams.  Mrs. Honea's students may participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Exams.  Only students who are performing at a high level and are consistently prepared for lessons will be allowed to participate in exams.